Hello !

I’m Lynsey, the founder of The Empowered Parent.  I’m a mum to one very loveable and energetic toddler Zander, and wife to an amazingly supportive husband Ben.

My aim in creating The Empowered Parent is to educate, support and help expectant parents and parents to find their inner voice and confidence in respect of their labour choices and decisions around good sleep hygiene and sleep science. 

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My Story

Since 2010, I have worked as a Chartered Accountant, and I still love a good spreadsheet! 

After having my son in 2018, and experiencing the highs of Hypnobirthing followed by the severe mental and physical struggle of sleep deprivation for 10 months, then the utter relief and joy of overcoming this by using an infant sleep consultant, I knew then on I wanted to give back.


I wanted to help other women and families, unlock the emotions and revelation I had in using these 2 amazing services. 

I wanted to dispel any myths or bad feelings that can often be attached to Hypnobirthing and Sleep coaching. I believe that it does take a village to raise a child, however everyone’s village will look different, and to be accepting of that. 

I educate in Hypnobirthing and sleep coaching from a point of logic, fact and science. 

I pride myself in listening and understanding to each individual family I work with, to ensure my approach and plan is specifically tailored to your wants, needs and concerns. 

I am passionate at supporting women and families during these beautiful, but sometimes, challenging periods in their life, to know they are being heard and they are in a safe space to be vulnerable and be supported. 

Lynsey x